Be a Star and Volunteer for Bedford Regatta

Bedford Regatta, one of the oldest in the country, is on 12th May. Star Club jointly organises the regatta with Bedford RC, so we need to supply Marshals to make sure the event runs smoothly and safely. We’re asking you to volunteer.

Over the last couple of years, both Star and Bedford RC have supplied marshals with Bedford RC covering from the Town Bridge to the finish area at Schools and Star members covering from Town Bridge to the Start area. If you marshal at the Regatta Star will receive a percentage of the income from the Regatta into the Club accounts. Please consider volunteering to represent the Club at the event.

What if I’m racing?

There will 5 shifts during the day of approximately 2hr 30min duration each. The more volunteers that step forward, the shorter the shifts will be. If you can do more than one shift, that would be great. Bedford regatta is an ideal opportunity to get some training before our own Regatta in June. T

Someone else will do it

The same people tend to volunteer for everything and frankly, that’s not really fair. As a club member, you’re expected to support our events, so please step up

Volunteer to Marshal at Bedford Regatta here

We’ll be publishing a squad leaderboard so you can which squad provides the most marshals. Competitive? Us? Never!