Banyoles Easter Camp 2016 Day 2

Banyoles Easter Camp 2016 Day 2

After completing our 50 burpees due to several athletes lateness, all the girls retreated to their rooms as we prepared for our first session, core and stretching! We all sat under the canopy at 8am, when our session was going to begin. David Osgood then came and informed us that there was in fact no session so with just under two hours until our first water session, we all either tried to catch up on some sleep or get some revision done. On our way to the lake, little did we know that our joyful singing in the minibus was a little too happy in contrast to the rather chilly session we were about to complete.

We set the 8+ out onto the water and completed a painful and tiring steady state 12k with some technical bits, working on our catches. We returned to the house and had lunch then did revision in our 2nd session of the day off. Our next water session consisted of the 8+ doing rate changes from 20-28 which was enjoyable to an extent however also rather tough as the sun had broken through the clouds which were still lingering from this morning – it was very hot. After we continued back to the house we had a lovely meal (thanks to Simon and Bettina) and reviewed some video footage of our rowing which was a great way to end a productive and gratifying day.

Cheyenne Clark

Today we started the first full day of training. Despite the weather being mostly awful yesterday we were lucky enough to eventually have nice weather. Joe and I did a double for our first session at a tiring 8am. Our session consisted of an hour of UT1 rate changes from 18-24 and some light paddling in. After we’d returned to the house we had about 2 hours to do some school work then had salad, pasta and eggs for lunch. Back at the lake I did a double with Jake and we did 12k UT2 between rate 18 and 20 which was very hot and my lack of sun cream was slightly concerning however it was nice to have some sunshine. When we returned we had a nice dinner and Jack and I went to sand down the blades which was a satisfying way to end the first day of camp.

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