Banyoles Easter Camp 2016 Day 3

Banyoles Easter CAMP2016 Day 3

After our refreshing warm up at an early 7am wake up,  we had first session off the water which enabled us to get some beneficial revision time in for our soon due exams. Being ready for 9:30 our first water session of the day started at 10:00 and it was a 12k row at firm pressure. I felt this was great session for myself and my group and was tipped off by a well earned lunch prepared by bettina and simon. Later on in the day came our second water session which proved rather challenging for all due to the harsh conditions.  Despite this i feel we all made progress in our boats.  Finally as the day came to an end, its fair to say all athletes had a good day of training and after winning, “athlete of the day award”, i am very pleased with the outcome of the day.

Locksley Bradley


At a slightly earlier start of 8am, the girls squad began their first session of the second day in an eight. Feeling positive about our progress yesterday, we were all ready to start on a high note; however, this was not the case for Hannah Place of the Piggot group. After taking roughly ten strokes, she unfortunately took a tumble and capsized! Despite the cold, and with the coaches on hand to help her onto dry land, she had a smile on her face when we saw her.

During our session of steady state at rate 18, we struggled at times with timing and body positioning at the catch, skills which we are still developing in sweep rowing. However, we pressed on and managed to make significant changes, which we can translate into the rest of the week.

After lunch and a thorough revision session (by the pool of course), we set off for our second session, again in an eight. Whilst the glorious sunshine continued to beam down, the conditions took a drastic turn for the worse and the wind picked up – it seems that the notorious Tideway weather has stuck with us! We were only able to row 4k before we went in, as it was becoming impossible to work effectively – again the situation for Hannah Place. This time in a double with Lucy, she unbelievably fell in again! Both girls are fine, although it did manage to earn Hannah the Spanner of the Day award. At least we’ll be able to see the fluorescent orange of the T-shirt she must now wear as punishment if she falls in again!

Despite conditions (and capsizes), the girls are happy with progress made today, and with the work still to build on.

Erin Osgood


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