Banyoles Easter Camp 2016 Day 4

Banyoles – Day 4


After our devastatingly early wake up we had the first session off in which we completed work and rested a little. Our first session of the day included three tough sets of power waterwork in which we achieved substantial boat speed however we were all very tired. After this we returned to the house and had a nutritious lunch, we then continued and did core and stretching which was still challenging yet a rest in comparison to the morning session we had previously completed. Our last session of the day was relaxing in contrast to our first and we each improved on various technical points and completed a surprise 500m piece which I thought covered some efficient grounds despite being rather unexpected. We returned to the house and we were rewarded with Simon Whites famous paella (thank you!) we then had our evening meeting in which Edie Wiseberg received spanner of the day for being a little dopey several times throughout the day and Katie Wallace won athlete of the day for acting on feedback she had been given the day prior. Overall, I think a very productive day for us girls and we all made real progress in the boat.

Olivia Rose-Grey

Another tough day for the boys squad as the training program has taken its toll with injuries; although most of the squad trained on through the fourth day of camp. Starting with a hard 16k in singles and a power water work session to finish the day, fortunately the wind held off for the first session, with some impressive performances all round, even though our session was cut slightly short. Unfortunately the wind came in its full force in the second session, making the session hard to complete, as it added a difficult condition to row with. However, we fought on and completed the session in full.

Overall, a good day again, and a mention must go to Oscar and Jack for being drafted up for the day to fill in for injuries, and they both handled the day well, a considerable step up from their usual training program.

Jack Colliver


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