Banyoles Easter Camp 2016 Day 5

EASTER CAMP 2016 Banyoles – Day 5

The day started early with a 07:00 start. The rain had already started when we woke up and it continued until late afternoon. This however did not stop any athletes from battling the harsh conditions on the lake. Some of the athletes had to be rested due to injury, but Ally ran a very beneficial and well needed recovery/physio session in the afternoon for the athletes with any aches or pains. The older boys did very tough timed pieces session for the coaches to measure their progress half-way through the Easter training camp. They battled through the rain, but worked their hardest yet which could be seen by the amount they all ate of a glorious meat filled dinner in the evening (thanks Bettina and Simon!). Overall, today was the best we could have done in the treacherous conditions, I and many others are looking forward to a good nights sleep and a sunny day tomorrow after the unique events of today.

Jack Murphy

With yesterday’s sessions leaving the squads tired and achey, we all trekked across the car park in the pouring rain to the warm up at a painfully early 7:30. Piggott and Taylor were burdened with the early session at 8am. After pushing the quad out in slightly damp conditions (the grounds were flooded) we began our first session of the day. We completed two 500m pieces each at rate 22 and 24 however our session was cut short due to several injuries within the boat. As there were only two uninjured members of Piggott left, we teamed up with Taylor’s two remaining members, Erin and Alivia, and formed a quad for our last session of the day.
We completed a variety of different pieces which included a 1000m piece at rate 24, 2 x 500m pieces at rate 26 and finally 3 X 250m pieces at rate 30. As the weather had calmed down and the water was almost flat, this ended up being an efficient and quite enjoyable session and Charlotte and I worked on many technical points throughout our hard work. With help from the older girls, we felt like we’d improved by the end of the session; it proved to be a productive day.

Catherine Upex


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