Banyoles Easter Camp 2016 Day 6

Easter Camp Banyoles – Day 6

Today was a “recovery” day for the boys squad… The quotation marks are there since we still did around 20km and at the end of today I’m still feeling rather dead. I personally started the day in a double with Locksley, we had a particularly good session, being coached by Sam Butler (thank you very much). We then came home for our revision session… Super fun.

In the afternoon we went out in a quad, enjoying what I think to be perfect rowing weather. The sun was out, there was a light breeze and the water was flat as a mill pond. We had a solid session with some quality coaching from Steve Colliver.

Many thanks to all the coaches for another fantastic day, and thanks to Bettina and Simon for the continually fantastic food.

Joe Rubens


After a seemingly late start of 7:15 and a nice warm up by the pool as the sun rose, the boys went off to training and the girls settled down to start some revision.

With a bit of singing and some additional jokes from David, the girls squad knuckled down and got some much needed work finished. Afterwards, we headed down to the lake which was much flatter and sunnier than yesterday and preceded to do some 1500m pieces in the 8+. However due to a few injuries, when it came to the pieces themselves, some crew changes were needed which led to Ally himself and member of the men’s squad, Sam Butler, jumping in to save the day. Despite the amusement, the girls cracked on and performed well during the timed section.

Then came lunch, and a rather luxurious bathe in the pool, which once again led to another trip down to the lake for a nice technical but beneficial session. By the evening, a large dinner was needed and very much appreciated by the whole squad, and as always we were very grateful to Simon and Bettina for their efforts.

With one full day left, and the nice neon orange t-shirt having been passed from father to daughter with David and Erin, everybody is still determined to make use of our time here, but still enjoying the downtime together with a few evening films making an appearance.

Emily Eagles

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