Banyoles Easter Camp 2016 Day 7

Easter CAMP Banyoles Day 7

Much to our despair we had come to the last day of camp, and while we were sad to leave, we still had the hardest day ahead of us.

We woke up slightly later than usual, which most of us were grateful for, and set about preparing for our ‘Race day’, in which each crew would do a timed 2k race, as hard as we could. Before that we had all packed up, said goodbye to the camp, and drove down to the lake. I think everyone rowed as best and as hard as they could, and definitely deserved a well earned rest before normal training started the next week!

After the race we had a quick lunch in a nearby restaurant and set about to leave Spain. By the time we reached the airport and got on the plane it was around ten o’clock, and another two hours flying, so we ended up reaching England around 12:30. The camp this year was great fun, and as always definitely the most tired I’ve ever been!

Thank you to Simon White, who does a great job organising the trip every year, and cooking his paella! Thank you to Ally and the coaches, otherwise training would not be possible, and finally to Bettina, for doing all the jobs we are too lazy to do!

Olli Sharp

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