Juniors At Star Regatta

Our Juniors 'Swept Up' at Star Regatta!

Dear all,

I would firstly like to thank all of you for the fantastic support of Star Regatta yesterday, it turned out to be a fantastic day for the club and in particular the junior squad. Without your help marshaling, baking cakes or shouting from the bank it would not have been the success it was.
I am delighted to be able to say that this week we were rewarded for our efforts with 6 wins! All the junior squad raced and represented extremely well. Congratulations to: Edward White (J17 1x), Jack Colliver (J16 1x), Joe Rubens and Ollie Sharp (Nov 2x) and Catherine Upex (WJ15B 1x). Special mentions must go to two boats however, who were racing for the first time in their combinations (Ed Tame and Harry Ashby) who managed to win J15 2x in emphatic style, and also to the WJ14B 4x of Eda Colliver, Abi Ngwang, Willow Tucker and Leah Rands coxed by Richard Webb who on their first ever race day, managed to win their event, beating crews from both Bedford Modern School and Bedford Girls schools crews.
A fantastic day for the squad and hopefully some confidence moving forward for the final few races of the year.

Regards Ally

Star Regatta was the first ever race for Redgrave girls and we raced in a coxed quad. The quad cosisted end of Leah at bow, Willow at 2 seat, Abi at 3 seat, me (Eda) at stroke and Richard coxing. The beginning of the day was full of nerves all round, but especially from me; apparently I was as white as a sheet. We had a very structured pre-race routine, which thanks to Ally was planned out to the minute, this definitely kept us on task. We nervously paddled up to the top of the river, waited for a painfully slow few minutes to pass for the other crew to turn up, turned around and went to the start.
We were on embankment side, and therefore had a 3/4 length head start. There was so many people from Star Club cycling and running alongside us willing us on. We didn’t have the best starts as we were all very out of time with flailing blades everywhere. We made up for this start by really pushing for the rest of the race, which resulted in us catching up to BMS just after Town Bridge. We kept pushing on and making them more nervous with every centimetre we gained on them, which resulted in BMS catching multiple crabs.
Thanks to the amazing, and incredibly loud, calls from our cox Richard we managed to push past BMS and win the race comfortably by around 4 boat lengths. This was an exciting and successful first race for us and we were extremely proud of ourselves for beating a hard crew.

Due to this surprising victory we were through to the final, which were against BGS. We already knew before the start that these were tough opposition and were going to be hard to beat, we were definitely going to have to smash it to beat them. At around 5 O’clock we went up to the start, this time was even more nerve racking that the first time because we knew we had to win to make Star Club even more proud of us.

Yet again we had a disappointing start with a crab being caught by Leah at bow. This did give BGS a large advantage over us, but this just made us even more determined to beat them. It turned out that Leah catching a crab was actually a blessing in disguise because as a highly competitive crew we wouldn’t accept defeat that easily. We powered on through the race with Richard constantly boosting our moral and simutainiously deafening us with his competitive screaming; he is loud enough without a cox box on full volume, let alone with one. We were on BGS’ bow ever since we came through Town Bridge but with and excellently timed burst of 20 strokes from Richard (which never actually ended) we managed to row through yet another crew and beat BGS by about 1 boat length. Due to this win we managed to get an ice cream each off Eliie Bennewith as part of a bet (which we, unfortunately for Ellie, won).

As a crew we would all like to thank the inexhaustible team of Star Club coaches and members who rode alongside us again in the final, we couldn’t have done it without your support. Also, we would like to thank all of the coaches who helped us, refined our technique and made us race ready. Thank you very much John, Jack, Ellie, David and Steve we don’t know what we would have done without you. Last but not least thank you to our very own cox Richard Webb for always encouraging us, pushing us forward and at the worst of times threatening to capsize the boat if we didn’t speed up! He did all of this despite us constantly insulting him and scaring him by doing out of controlled rigger dips just to annoy him.

Eda colliver

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